When are the puppies due?

Ivy and Howdy bred (via artificial insemination) on Nov 11, 2019. The puppies are due on Jan 22, 2020!

What do new puppy owners need to know?

There are five major things you need to know about having a new puppy.

  • Crate Training - Crate training is absolutely the BEST way to train your new puppy to live in a house. It combines the latest research and methods to ensure that your puppy develops good habits fast, and without the need for punishment or negative reinforcement. I suggest getting a large-sized crate with a divider for a golden puppy. Putting the crate in your room is the best way to make the puppy feel safe. Remember that puppies can't hold their bladder through the night at 8 weeks old, so you will have to help them to the bathroom for at least the first several weeks that they're home. Nature's Miracle cleaner is the only thing you should use to clean up accidents, other cleaners might encourage them to use that spot (if they contain ammonia).

  • Clicker Training - Clicker training will have your dog learning tricks in no time. We include a free clicker with each puppy when they go home with you. It makes training your dog to sit, lie down, etc a fun task for anyone. You can couple this with your puppy training and socialization classes.

  • Socialize - The most important weeks in a puppy's development are weeks 12-16. This is when puppies are building their personalities. Once their vaccines are finished at 12 weeks, you want to socialize your dog with other dogs and animals, people, new experiences, etc. The more the better! Try to meet a variety of people, including people in uniform, or wearing hats, etc. One goal is to have your puppy meet 100 people or animals!

  • Veterinarian - Visit your veterinarian (or find one!) within the first week of having your puppy. This will establish a baseline, ensure your puppy is in good health, and is on the right schedule for vaccines and boosters without missing any. It will also help to socialize the vet's office, which means less trouble later in life.

  • Positive Reinforcement - Dogs have a hard time correlating unwanted behavior with negative reactions. Dogs have a very easy time correlating desired behavior with positive reactions. Your dog will be trained in half the time if you reward them using the bathroom outside and remain vigilant at preventing accidents, as opposed to just punishing the puppy when they make a mistake.

What is provided with the puppies?

Each puppy will receive or come with:
  • Info packet & Growth chart
  • AKC registration packet
  • Microchipped and pre-registered with AKC Reunite
  • A week's worth of puppy food (to blend while transitioning to your desired food)
  • Collar (you'll need to get a name tag)
  • All shots and vaccinations up to 8 weeks, with records (see your vet, more shots are needed!)
  • Small toy from puppyhood
  • Leash and small Wonder Walker (we strongly recommend buying a larger Wonder Walker for your dog as they grow, it is the best harness! Golden adults wear a size M or L)

What should puppies avoid?

The two most common food toxins for dogs are grapes/raisins and onions/garlic. Avoiding these two food groups will go a long way towards keeping your puppy safe. The AKC has guides for safe human foods and safe fruits and vegetables as well. I also avoid the cheap rawhide-based toys that you find at supermarkets and the like. Rawhide is not procesed well by dogs' digestive systems. Stick to chewable treats or natural chew toys, like bully sticks or bones or antlers.

Are Ivy and Rex related?

We get this a lot. Nope! Ivy is 1 year older than Rex, and from a completely different line of Goldens.

When can we visit the puppies?

The most important thing to consider is the health of the puppies. After 4-6 weeks, their immune systems will be strong enough for limited outside visitors.

Are the puppies registered?

Both Ivy and Howdy are fully AKC registered Golden Retrievers, and the puppies will come home with their individual AKC registration paperwork as well!

When can we take the puppies home?

Puppies finish their weaning process at around 8 weeks, which will be March 18, 2018 for this litter. Some puppies may be held until 12 weeks based on scheduling.

What dog food are the puppies eating?

The puppies will be eating Blue Buffalo Life Protection Large Breed Puppy food (Chicken & Brown Rice). We suggest a formula designed for large breeds, and using a puppy formula until the dog is 1 year old.

How many puppies will Ivy have?

Golden Retrievers typically have 8-12 puppies per litter. One strong indicator of litter size is the dame's litter size when she was born. Ivy was in a large litter of 13 puppies!

Who are the breeders?

We are the Christians, Ivy's owners. We're a family living in Kent, WA.

What's the best way to get in touch?

Check out our contact page.

Who's a good dog?