**All puppies are claimed**

Blue Puppy: Kivi
Day 8 Weight: 30.75 oz
Sex: Male
Note: Kivi is one of the smaller boys, along with Lucky. He is often found sleeping on his own.
Claimed: Tony & Katheryn
Sky Puppy: Piff
Day 8 Weight: 35.5 oz
Sex: Male
Note: Piff is the largest puppy, and loves to eat. He also loves to snuggle in the middle of the puppy pile.
Claimed: Chris

Purple Puppy: Lia
Day 8 Weight: 29 oz
Sex: Female
Note: Lia is the smallest puppy, but still loves to climb on top of Ivy.
Claimed: Mory
Red Puppy: Jojo
Day 8 Weight: 30.25 oz
Sex: Female
Note: Jojo is one of the twins with lighter fur, along with Homer. She has the lightest fur, even between them.
Claimed: Chris & Serena

Tan Puppy: Homer
Day 8 Weight: 32 oz
Sex: Male
Note: Homer was the only puppy born outside. He also has lighter fur.
Claimed: Cody & Sumer
Pink Puppy: Willow
Day 8 Weight: 35 oz
Sex: Female
Note: Willow is the biggest girl, and will likely be the most red. She has a cute patch of white fur on one paw.
Claimed: Luke

Green/Black Puppy: Lucky

Day 8 Weight: 29.5 oz
Sex: Male
Note: Lucky is often seen without a collar, as he always finds a way to get out of them.
Claimed: Kenny & Jeana & Dixie